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How To Get Twitter Followers

Here's a collection of tips from our followers and @PlayShopAndSave.

As a beginner on Twitter, your first thought will probably be to GET FOLLOWERS! You may naturally figure that if you follow everything that moves, they will all follow you back and life will be good, but Twitter doesn't work that way.

bulletMost people don't follow back. (I just looked up one that swears they follow back, but they had over 20,000 followers and were only following 1,700.)

bulletIf you follow too many too fast, you may get your Twitter account suspended. Twitter considers too much action to be spamming.

bulletIf you follow too many, with too few following you, Twitter may impose a "following freeze" and not let you follow any more until your account comes back into balance. If you're account is getting too lopsided, use JustUnFollow.com to get rid of the folks who aren't following you. This is a free utility that helps manage your followers. You can also upgrade to remove the restrictions.

So how can you get high-quality followers?

bulletBe sure you have a good profile with all your keywords in it and a good image to go with it. (When looking for people to follow, I ignore the ones with just a name and no image or profile blurb. I figure they aren't serious about Twitter.) Also, include images in your tweets once in a while. They show up in your gallery and make you page more interesting.

bulletDo a search for #followback, then check their "following" before you follow them. I just found one that says "I always follow back" but when I checked, they had 16,000 followers, but they were only following 6 people. Odds are, you won't be #7. OTOH, some of them look pretty good, so it's worth a try if you pay attention.

bulletWhen someone follows you, be sure to give them a "shoutout." When you mention someone in a Tweet, odds are they will retweet your tweet, reaching a larger audience. You can include several new tweeps in one "mention." If I see one of these tweets on my page, I check each one to see if I'm missing some good followers. Others must do the same thing, since my followers go up much faster when I'm actively "thanking" the new folks.

bulletIf quality is more important than quantity, read The Art of Following.

~ Hints from our followers ~

tackIf you want more followers, just ask. Tweet that you want more followers, especially if you're close to a landmark number. Say something like "I only need 5 more followers to reach 100. Please RT. I follow back."
Thank you for submitting this hint, @countrynaturals.

tackClick your followers--see who follows them. Maybe they’ll follow you, too. (With a standard "who to follow" search, many never follow back.) Also, when they're considering a followback, they will see that someone they follow is already following you, so that's like a letter of recommendation, rather than a just a "cold call."
Thank you for submitting this hint, @Tips_Hints.


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